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I am a lipbalm junkie! You will never catch me without at least 1 tube with me, and I LITERALLY have over 200 tubes of lipbalm in my house at all times! We go through it like water here, due to our forced air heating system, which drys our lips out beyond belief. When Eco Lips contacted me and asked me to review their line of lipbalm, I thought they were tapping my phone, because I had just told my husband that morning, that I wish I could find a good Eco-Friendly lipbalm. So, before I get to my review, let me tell you about Eco Lips.

Bring Color – and a Little Bit of Chocolate — to your Lips!
Eco Lips and Dagoba chocolate let your lips indulge and moisturize at the same time
Eco Lips offers several lip balms, in partnership with Dagoba chocolates, that lend your lips the perfect lusciousness.
Eco Lips tints also offers a natural way to bring healthy color to your smackers. Here’s info about both:
Eco Lips, America’s premium organic lip balm company, offers organic chocolate lip balms made with Dagoba chocolate’s organic cocoa powder. These indulgent lip smackers are USDA Certified Organic and come in three luscious flavors:
·     Roseberry – raspberries, rosehips and dark chocolate bring the perfect balance of sweet and tart
·     Mint – dark chocolate blended with mint oil and rosemary essence refresh the senses and awaken the mind
·     Lavender – lavender, blueberries and dark chocolate offer a divine, calming experience
Eco Lips manufactures the highest quality certified organic lip care products on the planet. In addition, the company
offers private label and contracting manufacturing services with a wide variety of options. Eco Lips initiated Iowa’s largest solar power project which is powering the neighborhood in which Eco Lips is located. The company is a member of OTA and Green America. Products are available online and at health food stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, outdoor stores and other fine retail outlets. Don’t panic, it’s organic!

Picture of Eco Clip CarabinerThe first thing I noticed in my package of goodies was this keychain adapter. Yea, I’m a nerd! They sent me two of them, and my daughter begged for one, so I was down to one, and I was NOT going to let it go! The black piece that connects the lipbalm to the carabiner holds it in well, except if you are my daughter…..who came home from school that same day and told me she lost it. Then she had the nerve to ask for my other one! NO WAY BABE! I like to keep mine clipped to the amethyst stone necklace that I have hung on my bedpost. I always hang my glasses there at night, so it made perfect sense to put lipbalm within arms reach, so that I could easily find it in the middle of the night.

I was able to test out a nice variety of their lipbalms, including: Eco Lips SPF 15 Berry Lip Balm, Eco Lips SPF 15 Mint Lip Balm, Eco Lips SPF 30 Sport Lip Balm, Eco Lips Gold USDA Certified Organic Lip Balm, Eco Lips Hemp USDA Certified Lip Balm, Eco Lips Bee Free Vegan Lip Balm, Eco Tints Assorted 3-Pack, and the Honest Kids Berry Berry Good Lemonade USDA Certified Lip Balm by Eco Lips (which is 100% edible…and I made the mistake of saying this out loud…so my 3 year old ate it :/ didn’t actually get to try that one).

I loved ALL of them! With the exception of the Honest Kids one….obviously.

The tinted ones make a GREAT lipstick, with just the right amount of tint to look made up – while at the same time casual and natural.

Out of all the ones that I tried, my favorite was the Hemp! It lasts a long time before I have to reapply, and it has gradually softened my lips FAR more than any other lipbalm I have ever tried.

I am very happy with Eco Lips line of lipbalms. My only issue is that I can’t find them in my local stores. I do hope that they start branching out soon, so that I can get them locally at my co-op. That would be GREAT!

I am also looking forward to trying out their “Cause Balms“, because every lip balm sold through the Cause Balm Program, the corresponding organization will receive a $1 donation!! All of the causes are so awesome that I honestly can’t decide with three I should get first.

Eco Lips is going to offer a complete eco-lips goodie bag give away to a lucky reader! Enter HERE.

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