Finding Great Educational Opportunities Beyond Mainstream Education

A child’s education is one of the first vital aspects of them growing up. While many outside influences such as friendships and after-school activities can help shape children, their education is the foundation of their capacities for lifelong learning. Since learning is a vital aspect of life, the ability to learn, conceive, integrate, apply and foster knowledge is pivotal to being successful. This capacity is true for success in all aspects of life including mentally, physically, emotionally and financially.

Nature Versus Nurture

In many circles the debate of nature versus nurture rolls on. Nature is the aspect of a child that they are intrinsically born with. Nurture is the aspect of a child based on what supportive information they are given to help them grow in life. This nurturing would include the category of education. The vital decision with any child is finding the best educational resources to help foster their child’s potential and trusting the value of that. Giving a child the foundation of a good education and strong family values will help create a well-rounded, successful adult.

Magnet And Private Schools

Depending on the child and the place people live, some of the best education choices are alternatives to mainstream public education. Private schools, magnet schools, and homeschooling are geared to providing the best opportunities for their students potential. They also give children an abundance of substantial personal opportunities to grow in diverse ways. Many of these opportunities are not found in mainstream public education forums. According to Diamond Ranch Academy, “when students leave, graduate, or move on to college – they exude confidence and take away skills that otherwise would take a lifetime to learn.”

Smaller more rural schools often can provide the smaller classroom sizes which can be necessary for a child. Smaller classroom environments often foster greater educational participation and stronger self-esteem. However, magnet schools and private schools usually can offer students even more significant opportunities to excel. These schools readily provide small classrooms. Also, they also infuse an abundance of other cultural and varied educational opportunities for children to grow and learn outside the realm of what public schools can offer.


Of all the school choices, one of the more significant shifts has been to homeschooling. Any parent with the heart and patience for teaching their primary child education that has the right curriculum and homeschool support systems can likely find this choice to be an excellent opportunity.

In fact, many colleges today are gladly accepting homeschoolers. This form of learning in part is because many homeschoolers are self-starters and are capable of being very responsible for their educational requirements. Many public-school students have had a series of teachers prodding them for assignments. By contrast, homeschoolers are usually better adept at self-study and complete their school work with a greater eagerness to learn and do so with their initiation. If the homeschool student is proficient, most colleges are happy to embrace these incredible education skills in a homeschooled student.


Willow Stevens

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