Hot Clips by Conair Review for Folica

I have to thank Folica for accepting me into the Hair Expert blogging program. They send me different hair products to try out, last time I received a Wahl Professional Designer Clipper and it was perfection! After using a few other items they sent me, including the Hot Clips, I am under the strong impression that they sell only the best of the best on their site.

The first time I used it, it was actually my boys who wanted to curl my hair. They thought the curlers looked cool and wanted to see how they worked, so I let them put the curlers in, haha!

I was impressed when I noticed that the curlers were heated in under 2 minutes and the curling could begin quickly. The core of the curlers are ceramic, so it allows them to heat up quickly and hold heat for a good length of time. The outside is “flocked” which means they have applied a layer of “flocking pwder” to give it a velvety feel and to grip hair, while protecting it from the ceramic.

This set came with 20 rollers and 20 clips, but only enough room to heat 3 clips at a time. My method was to heat 3 of them and replace them as I used one. By the time I worked my way through the other two, the 4th clip was heated well enough to use. It worked out well, but a place for all clips would have been nice. There is no storage for the extra clips, not even a bag to put them in. I can see them getting lost easily because of this. The clips are a fairly cheap plastic, I could see an investment in better clips, but these do work just fine, so until these break, I’ll continue to use them.

The rollers come in 3 different sizes; 8 large, 6 medium and 6 small. They all have their own little spot in the heating device, but they can fit in almost any spot. This made it a tight fit when the kids tried to put them away and just placed them anywhere. If they aren’t in their specific location, they are hard to remove when you go to use them again.

I only needed about 15 rollers to do my hair, so my girls were more than happy to help out with the review and put a couple in their hair. Once the rollers were all clipped in place, it was just a waiting game. I took them out once the heat had cooled, I took the curlers out and ightly brushed through my hair.

I tend to not use hair sprays or gels, so I wasn’t expecting the curls to last very long. They did make it about 6 hours before becoming flat though, and I am sure they would stay longer if you used some sort of holding product. Even after the full out curls were gone, I still had a nice wave.

My hair is naturally straight….I mean VERY straight, so I am impressed by these curlers. I have used curling irons in the past and they damaged my hair and took forever to do my hair, so I stopped trying. With a time of about 15 minutes from start to finish, and about 10 of that being time I can use to do other things, like grab a cup of coffee or do my makeup, I am fine with the time it takes to use this.

Folica has this set on their site for $39.99, and I think it is money well spent! I have been using this daily since I received it, and I am completely in love with it. If you are looking for a quick way to curl your hair, this is it. I will never try to fuss with a curling iron again.

Right now, Folica is having a Holiday Giveaway, and EVERYBODY wins something! I just won $5 to spend, but everyone who enters will win anywhere from $1-$50! So make sure you go enter, because this set of Hot Clips could be FREE if you win big! Go enter and then come back and let me know what you won in the comments below!

WOOHOO! Congrats Morgan! A fellow Freetailer won $50 and sent this screen shot in!

WOW! And Angel won $50 as well! I think we are up to 5 Freetailers who won $50! Congrats!!

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