The Benefits of Worm Composting

worm composting

Composting with worms is a fun and fascinating way to create your own organic compost. The benefits extend beyond just creating rich, healthful compost (for plants), too. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of worm composting.

Reduces Waste

Like all composting, worm composting reduces waste. But unlike other composting techniques, worm composting produces rich, dark compost more quickly than many other conventional composting methods (worms eat their own weight every 24 hours!). Every bit of waste that you put into your worm bin is waste that is kept out of landfills and put to good use. Less trash in landfills means a greener planet; landfill waste emits methane gas that is considered a greenhouse gas.

Soil Quality

When you improve the soil while you use it to grow plants, you are helping to make the earth better rather than destroying the soil through harsh methods. Worm compost is meant to improve the soil; it’s the way nature naturally composts.

Year Round

You can have a worm bin indoors during cold weather, creating lovely compost through the year for your house plants and yard. Worm bins don’t need to take up a lot of space, and you have a ready supply of worms for any fishing trips you want to take!

Superior Compost

Sources say that worm compost is richer than conventional compost, and therefore less is required. This is one reason why you can get away with a relatively small bin. Proponents of worm composting swear by the superior nature of the compost these wiggly creatures produce. Not all compost is created equal!


Okay, let’s face it – worm composting is a fun idea. If you have kids, this is a great way to introduce them to the benefits of composting. This is something that the whole family can have fun with, and your kids will learn about how and why we make compost. They will also learn about the workings of nature, and how recycling is a natural process. Besides, it involves dirt and worms – natural kid favorites!


Worm composting is certainly cheap to do, and you will save a bundle by not having to buy compost. Effective composting also relieves you from having to buy fertilizer and mulch. You don’t even have to buy a proper worm bin; you can make your own from a plastic container with air holes punched in it. And of course, such great compost should result in greater yields in the garden, which means a lower grocery bill.

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