5 Practices To Ease Stress Levels

When we feel stressed it’s easy to focus on the negatives, you might feel sluggish all the time, or struggle to sleep. It’s important to find stress coping tactics that work for you. To give you a few simple ideas, try out these five practices.

1 . Aromatherapy

When you’re feeling stressed out aromatherapy can help you to calm down and relax. Take a break and find a quiet space to lie down. Use candles, or dab essential oils onto a cloth. Close your eyes and allow yourself to inhale and exhale the scents. Focus on breathing deeply, and attempt to clear your mind.

Essential oils like eucalyptus, lavender, lemon balm, and rose are perfect for relaxation. If you’re looking for an energy boost try scents like vanilla or ylang-ylang.

2. Get Some Exercise

Boosting your endorphin levels is the best way to combat stress. When your feeling tense a fitness session will do wonders for your body and mind. Perhaps you don’t always have time to get to the gym? Thankfully, there are plenty of workout apps that you can practice at home. The Daily Yoga app offers short ten-minute sessions, (perfect for when you’re in a rush)! You can also check out the 7minute workout app. Even a small amount of exercise a day will make all the difference to your stress levels.

3. Get Inspired

When you’re feeling stressed out what you need is some self-care inspiration. Luckily there are plenty of resources where you can find this. As a starting point, check out these awesome self-care podcasts.

  • Gentler, Practical Self Care: This podcast can help you to work on your personal development. Here you’ll find plenty of self-care tips to boost your physical and mental health. If you’re looking to reduce your stress levels, but you’re not quite sure how, this podcast can help.
  • Run Like Hell Toward Happy: The show for overwhelmed creatives to stop hustling and finally create balance between work, life, play, and rest… to make progress toward their dreams.
  • Awakened Woman Self Care: For a spiritual and unique self-care podcast, tune into the Awakened Woman. Here you’ll find plenty of new perspectives and inspirational tips.

4. Plants Can Help

To ease your stress levels there are plenty of plant-based supplements that can help. One of the best supplements for stress is CBD oil. Cannabidiol is extracted from hemp plant. It’s one compound from the plant and it is not psychoactive. Several studies have indicated that CBD oil can be helpful to treat stress, anxiety, and depression. To find an excellent range of CBD products, take a look at Bloom Farms Wellness.

5. Remember To Breathe

There are plenty of breathing techniques that can help you to ease stress levels. One effective breathing method for stress is called ‘Sitali Breath’. It’s a technique that is often practiced during a yoga class. First, you need to stick your tongue out, and then bring the edges of your tongue to meet. Next, you should inhale using your mouth, and then exhale using your nose. You should repeat the exercise for at least five minutes. When you’re looking to relieve stress, breathing techniques are highly effective.

Willow Stevens

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