How Plants Can Help You Relax

Studies have proven that plants can improve people’s lives in immeasurable ways. They can boost concentration and productivity, as well as improve the quality of air that you breathe, but did you know that plants can also help you to relax?

If you’re feeling stressed out, burnt out, or just not yourself, get out in the garden and you will soon find yourself feeling better. Why? Because plants have a power over the human mind that we may not yet fully understand, but which has been proven time and time again in study after study.

Plants can help you relax by reducing background noise. If you have a lot of tall plants, trees, and shrubs in your garden, they will absorb a lot of the noise pollution around you and enable you to find some peace.

Many fragrant plants and flowers, such as lavender and chamomile have also been shown to soothe the mind via their scent, which means immersing yourself in a flower garden can have a calming effect, which can also help you sleep.

Then there’ the act of gardening itself. If you take a look at the infographic below, you will see that gardening has many health benefits, including the ability to give you a moderate workout, which, as you will know, is another great way to relieve stress and help the body relax, but as you will see, it is far from the only thing that the simple act of tending to your garden can do for you.

Infographic created by: Trim That Weed

Willow Stevens

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