5 Tips for Burglary Prevention

There are plenty of methods available to protect your home from burglary and keep your family safe- methods that don’t have to cost you a fortune. Did you know that the most common reason as to why a burglar chooses a home to break into is that it is empty? They can get in and out before anyone can catch on to the fact that they were inside. Here are the top 5 ways you can keep your home safe.


Common-Sense Theft Prevention

There are a number of small things you can do to prevent theft in your home including:

  • storing valuables in safe boxes with a code
  • keep all personal information in a safe box as well
  • prevent thieves from taking inventory of your home by closing blinds and curtains
  • keep all doors locked
  • replace worn keypad devices used for entry
  • make sure your address is visible and easy for emergency vehicles to find
  • acquire strong exterior doors
  • lock your pet doors


Put Anything Up That Could be Used to Break In

Leaving a ladder or any number of tools outside could easily help an intruder gain access to the home. Make sure you put anything away that could potentially assist someone in breaking into your home.


Acquire a Home Security System

One of the biggest ways to prevent theft is to get a home security system. This way, if someone does try to enter your home, they will quickly be deterred when the alarm goes off because police will be arriving shortly after.


Get a Dog

Of course theft prevention is not the only reason to get a dog, however, a burglar is way more likely to choose a house that is completely empty. Getting a dog will ensure that your house is never completely empty and that is when most burglaries occur.


Automatic Lighting

According to a recent report by ADT Defenders, leaving a porch light or bedroom light does very little to deter burglars, but motion-activated lights that mimic the behavior of a lucid, alert homeowner may. Burglars don’t want to risk invading a home where the owners may be able to interrupt or injure the would-be thieves.


Try any of these tips or a combination of them to better protect your home and family against theft.

Willow Stevens

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