Actz Cosmetics Review


I got the coolest package of goodies in the other day! Actz Cosmetics sent me these beautiful soaps!


The first item I opened was this cupcake looking soap, and it smelled DELICIOUS! I let my husband smell it and asked if he could name the scent. He said it smelled like Banana Walnut, my 10 year old said “Tooti Frooti” and then I let my 7 year old read the name and she read it to herself and laughed so hard! I told her to tell everyone what it was and she couldn’t say it without giggling; “Monkey Burps” LOL! The “frosting” on this soap is soft, and the “sprinkles” provide some scrubbing power, while the “cake” part was sudsy and gave the right amount of lather for my liking. Basically, you can scoop a little of the frosting off for exfoliating and then use the bottom for cleaning. it’s a fantastic combo.


Next up was what they call “Cupcake Crumbles” but I immediately thought of brownies. The same idea applies here as the cupcake above, the frosting is soft, yet exfoliating, and the bottom is the sudsy part. I didn’t see a scent name on this one though, and I can’t even describe what it smells like, but I like it.


They also sent an adorable little test tube full of scrubby awesomeness! This has a wonderful citrus scent to it and when combined with a couple drops of water, makes an amazing facial scrub!

Actz Cosmetics soaps are handmade using no chemicals or drying agents, which is a huge plus for me! The less chemicals, the better! They are  Paraben Free and only made with Fragrances that are Phthalate-Free & Nitro Musk Free!

I am definitely giving this whole lot, two thumbs up! The scents are fabulous and they felt fantastic on my skin.

Want to know something else? They are offering an AWESOME giveaway fro Freetailers, so enter below and let your friends know too!


One lucky Freetailer will win a Cocoa Butter Pack, their #1 Selling Scrub with their Salon Clients!

This is a Semi-Solid Sugar Scrub, with a Deep Exfoliation! You can mold it into sugar scrub balls to take into the shower. How FUN is this? As soon as the water hits it, the cocoa butter melts for a rich, deep & moisturizing scrub.

Now available in these cute squeezable pouches. Tired of getting your hands wet and sticking them in your jar of scrub? Is that jar taking up to much room on your shower shelf? All these problems are solved with these slim pouches.

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