Review: Over the Moon Milk

Over the Moon asked me to review their milks for them, and I am just…..well….Over the Moon! They were SPOT ON when they named this milk, it is FANTASTIC! I was able to purchase this milk at my local Price Chopper for  $3 for a half gallon. Yes, I do understand that equals $6 a gallon, which is not frugal, however, if you want things that are better for your body, you do have to pay a little more.

Their Chocolate Milk is Fat Free, but has a nice thick, creamy feel, like Whole Milk would have. The first one to try this was my 3 year old son, and he was so happy! I NEVER buy chocolate milk, so it was a big treat for him. I was happy to give it to him, since it is Fat Free, but it also has 45% more calcium and 37% more protein than other chocolate milks. Even with that being said, it gets better. There is NO High Fructose Corn Syrup!!! This is a big one for me, and we try to stay as far away from that as we can. Sometimes it is unavoidable, but if there are options of items that I purchase that doesn’t have HFCS, I always pick them.


I LOVE my Whole Milk, I know I should go for the 1% and 2% because they are healthier, but they always taste watered down. I like creamy milk, which is why I love Whole Milk, but Over the Moon may have just what I need with their 1% milk. It tastes EXACTLY like Whole Milk, it is rich and creamy, but has less fat; 1.5g per cup vs. 8g per cup of whole milk. Over the Moon’s 1% milk has 34% more calcium and 37% more protein than whole milk. So….less fat, more calcium AND more protein, with the same taste? Yep, they’ve got me as a customer from now on!



Last up in the Over the Moon line of milks, is their Fat Free milk. After tasting their 1% and thinking that it tasted just like Whole Milk, I was kind of expecting this to have a 1%, or even a 2% taste, but it was more like a Vanilla Whole Milk. It had a sweet taste to it, which was pretty good, except if you are expecting plain milk. You’ve done it, right? Sat at the table for breakfast and had a cup of coffee and a glass of OJ sitting right next to eachother. You grab the OJ thinking it is your coffee and your stomach turns a little; not because you don’t like OJ, but because your brain was expecting something completely different. That is what happened here. The Fat Free milk is FANTASTIC, if you are not expecting plain milk. It is great in cereals, and you don’t have to use sugar because the milk gives it a nice sweet taste, and it is also good to drink….just remember, Vanilla Milk, and you will be good. As the others, this has 34% more calcium and 37% more protein than whole milk and has 0g of fat per 8oz glass vs. 8g in whole milk!

I HIGHLY recommend picking this up if your store carries them. We decided to make smoothies with the Fat Free milk by blending Frozen Strawberries, Over the Moon Fat Free Milk and Vanilla Yogurt till smooth, then I topped it with a little more yogurt. No sugar or Ice Cream needed, just a tasty, healthy treat. Oh was it GOOD!

I want to thank Over the Moon for giving me the opportunity to try their delicious milks. They have made a believer out of me, and I will be grabbing this brand on a regular basis from now on.

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