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I was given the opportunity to check out and try out the Dermagist skin care line and I am happy to report that this is an AMAZING product! They sent me a package of 3 of their best selling items and asked me to try it out. You want to know how I did this? learn more at Skin Helpers and I believe you too can enjoy your chance to have healthier skin. For the first couple of days you use one product, then move onto two of them and by day 5 you are using all 3 products. In the week that I have been using it, I have noticed a reduced amount of wrinkles AND acne! I know you are thinking “Jodi, you just turned 27, you don’t have wrinkles” unfortunately, that’s not the case. You have to remember that I have 6 kids, I have wrinkles! I have always had a problem with acne, and have never really found a cure for it, but after using their product line for a week, I only have 1 pimple on my face. I’d say that is a great feat! The products have a light citrus scent to it and the cream is very rich feeling. It isn’t greasy and is absorbed into the skin well. I used to have very dry flaky skin on my brow area, but again, after using their products, my skin looks much healthier and is no longer dry. I’m calling this test a success and I invite you to enter for your chance to try it out as well. Enter below, using the Rafflecopter form. If you do not see it, click HERE and scroll down a little bit. One winner will receive a prize package valued at $333.66, which will include 3 Dermagist products and more! Check it all out below! Consult experts and craft a skincare recipe for your skin by inkey list Ireland and avail the right kind of products for yourself on now. 

Dermagist Complete Rejuvenation Package

Enjoy younger looking wrinkle free skin with this incredible system. The Key to the System is using all
three products together in the instructed combination –
One (1) Jar of our Original Smoothing Cream
One (1) Bottle of our Dynamic Age Defying Serum
One (1) Bottle of our Instant-Effect Lifting Serum
One (1) Instruction sheet detailing your exact use of the products
When you want to not only look younger, but stop time and prevent aging from happening at all there is
only one company to turn to. Dermagist supplies you with the Complete Rejuvenation System that
Eliminates Wrinkles, Large Pores, Redness, and Age Spots with Matrixyl® and Renovage® plus the
Instant Results of Sesaflash®

Bella 100% Cotton Favorite Shirt
When you just have to get out of that itchy dress and go into full comfort mode, nothing feels better
than a ringspun cotton perfect tee from Bella. This dark grey heather shirt goes with anything in your
closet, and promises to keep you as comfortable as you are beautiful.

5 Min Candles
Ever feel inspired to throw a party on the spot? These candles have your name on them. Enjoy a book of
10, they’re as small as a matchbook, yet powerful enough to be the spark that starts your instant
anywhere-in-the-world party.

LE LABO Fragrance Sample
What does $220 for 3.4oz of perfume smell like? LA LABO makers of perfumes, candles, and notebooks
offers a new of luxurious scents hand crafted in, you guessed it, their labo. Featured in fashion
magazines as the perfume de jour for the globetrotting set, enjoy a 1.5 ml sample on us.

Cotton Terry Velour Spa Slippers
The true spa experience starts with the feet, and we’ve partnered with one of the leading hotel-grade
spa suppliers of slippers to bring you these cloud-soft slippers. One size fits all, so slip them on and enjoy
as you kick back and let all that stress fade away.

Greyston Bakery Ben & Jerry’s Inspired Brownie
Socially conscious cares about the sustainability of their 60+ employees as much as they do their own
bottom line. Enjoy a tasty treat that’s help make Ben & Jerry’s famous ice cream with brownies a
celebrated hit for decades, and feel good about doing it knowing the company that made it cares about
making a better life for all.

Greatest Works of Mozart CD
Full relaxation comes when the mind, body, and soul are at ease. Enter The Greatest Works of Mozart, a
wonderful classical music compilation that helps set the mood to the notes of one of the greatest
composers of all time. Plus it might just get the kids to pass out for a few minutes.

Mom: A Celebration of Mothers by StoryCorps
We draw strength from the narratives of those that shared our walk in life. In Mom, Dave Isay,
StoryCorps founder and editor of the bestselling book, Listening Is an Act of Love, presents a celebration
of American mothers from all walks of life and experiences. Selected from our extensive archive of
interviews, Mom presents the wisdom that has been passed from mothers to their children in
StoryCorps’ recording booths across the country.

Authentic Vintage Swiss Army Bag
Want a bag as durable as it is stylish? Enjoy the unique Swiss Army vintage bag in vinyl with strap and
buckles. This small bag is a perfect alternative to your daily purse, or just something to carry the kid’s
snacks in. Either way you can take a piece of war-era military issue function and turn it into a
fashionable accessory.

Loose Leaf Tea & GoodCook Tea Ball Infuser
Enjoy a soothing cup of Chamomile Citrus tea from Tea Guys. With this special loose leaf tea starter kit
you’ll be able to get roughly 12 cups of delicious tea, and more importantly have the equipment to make
the freshest and most soothing teas in the world with your loose leaf tea ball.

**** Total Retail Value of this package $333.66 ****






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