Review: Classic Platform Round-toe Pumps from Oasap

I am heel inept! I want to learn to walk in them so bad, and I am making it my goal to do just that. Oasap sent me these Classic Platform Round-toe Pumps to review, and I think they are just beautiful!

My friend over at Jessica Forgette Photography, took this picture of me wearing them at a local park. I think she did a GREAT job, I actually like it so much, that I want to get a canvas of it and hang it in my office.

The shoes have a felt feel to the outer fabric, the texture is interesting, I really like it compared to the usual gloss pleather that you find in many heels. The heel height is about 4″ and the shoe has about a half inch platform built into it, making the heel actually 3.5″. The inside of the shoe is comfortable, it has a nice squishy insole to it, so I was able to wear these for long periods of time.

I have had these for almost a month now, and things are starting to go wrong with them. The sole on the left shoe is coming undone from the shoe, I could just glue and clamp it back together until it dries, but I wanted to tell you about that issue. Also, the bottom of the stem on the right shoe is wearing down at an odd angle, and I am afraid that if I step on the stem, it will break. I plan to file it flat again, in hopes of fixing that problem as well. I believe it is the way that I was walking on them though, I don’t think that is a manufacturer issue.

The shoes are true to size, I ordered a size 8, and I have wide feet, but these fit me perfectly. They are easy to wipe clean if you get them dirty, just use a wet washcloth and gently rub any dirt out of the material.

Even with the few flaws that I found, I do really like these shoes, and plan on getting them in Peach color.

Check out Oasap and let me know what you think of these heels in the comments below.

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