White and Nerdy – Rivet & Sway Glasses Review

I have had the same style glasses for as long as I can remember, and I wanted something DIFFERENT! I needed a change, something no too crazy, but still cute. This is where Rivet & Sway come in. Right before BlogHer, they approached a few bloggers about doing a review on not only their glasses, but their unique service. I checked out their styles, and KNEW I had to be in on this!

So, what is so unique about their service? Unlike other online options to buy glasses, Rivet & Sway have a try on kit. You can pick out 3 pairs of glasses at a time to try on, decide if you like them, then send them back and order your prescription. It is a really neat concept actually, and one that I think all online shops that sell glasses should offer. It really changed my mind on the whole thing. When I first heard of this service, I thought, “But I already know which pair I like best, I’ll just order those.” and I am SO glad for the try on kit option, because if I ordered the ones that I liked on their site, I’d be stuck with a pair of glasses that just do NOT work at all for me.

These were the ones I picked out for my try on kit.

  1. Punchline
  2. Derring-Do
  3. Six Shooter
 I posted this picture on our facebook page, to ask what you all thought was the best pair. I got an OVERWHELMING response for number two. Honestly, I think my husband just took bad pictures for the try on kit, but number three looked REALLY bad on me either way. Oddly enough, that was the pair that i was drawn to on their site, THAT was my first choice, and would have been what I was stuck with, had I just gone and ordered them, instead of going through the try on process.
I wouldn’t ACTUALLY be stuck with them, because they do have a return policy, where you can return your glasses for any reason within the first 60 days, so that is good news, but I am not one for returning things, so knowing me, I’d be stuck with them.
I know that you all picked the second one, however, that was the style I was trying to avoid, and don’t even know why I added it to my try on kit, since I was looking for something different. I really liked the way the first pair looked on me, but again, the picture above doesn’t do them justice.

This picture is MUCH better, and shows more closely to how they actually look. I think they make me look a little nerdy, and I like it!

Or, how about this one, at BlogHer with Nathan from WeUseCoupons? I looked a little dazed there, because my husband (again, not the best photographer in the world) snapped the picture real quick.

To make the process a little easier, and stress-free, the woman in charge of the blogger review program, had them sent to her at the hotel in NYC, so that we knew we’d have them on time for some of the festivities, instead of worrying that they would not make it to our house in time. This was a very last minute thing, and I had placed my order only a couple days before I was scheduled to head out to BlogHer.  We met up, and I got to try on my new specs right there.

I really like my new glasses, and I am SO GLAD that I took advantage of their home try on kit! I have NEVER, not ONCE in my life, received a compliment on my glasses….until I got these. It is really interesting to me actually. I have already been asked a few times where I got them, and told that they looked great. It is a good feeling to receive compliments.

Rivet & Sway was gracious enough to also offer Freetailers a unique code that will give you 20% off your order, should you wish to purchase a new pair of specs. They know you all love coupons!

coupon code: CWHOUB017D894C
discount: 20%
expires: 8/26

HURRY though! The expiration date is the 26th of this month, so you will want to order your try on kit (FREE, but they do require a credit card on file, so they know you are real) right away to check out the styles that you like.

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