Review: The Great Escape Season Premier – June 24, 2012 at 10pm

I was sent a copy of the season premier of The Great Escape to watch and review. I must say, the idea is AWESOME, but the way things are done, make the game pointless. I am not impressed with this show.

For the first show, three couples (1 romantically linked, 1 set of friends and a pair of siblings) were locked inside of Alcatraz, each pair in their own cell. They were required to find a key hidden in their cell in order to escape, then they had to find additional items, run outside and avoid guard, get through a locked gate…blah, blah, blah. Thing is…this wasn’t a show about them escaping…they had everything they needed to get out, including a map and clues. Come on! If they wanted to make this show interesting they would have locked them in the cell and told them to get out, no clues…sure hide things here and there to help them, but don’t tell them where they are! All this did was prove that the teams knew how to read, and for 1 pair, even that was questionable.

As for the team who won, they kept saying that this proved that their link and bond between them was proven to be stronger than the other two teams. Seriously? Because you both knew how to read and do simple math, your bond is stronger? I just don’t get it.

There isn’t much that I am allowed to say since it doesn’t premier until tonight (6/24) at 10pm ESt, making the review hard to write, so forgive my vagueness.

Here are the rules of the game.

I was also sent a little Tavern Puzzle to try to “escape” from, let’s see how that went.

Willow Stevens

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