Homemade Doughnuts (well sorta!)


I have always wanted to be that mom that knows how to bake, well darn it, I am not her. I can follow directions and make something halfway decent, but I must admit that if I can do something in a much easier way, I will pick that way every single time. I wanted to try “Real” homemade doughnuts, but the last time I tried making something that starts with dough, it didn’t end well. Like the biscuit incident of 2008, our dog Peanut wouldn’t even eat the biscuits. They did however, give us an opportunity for target practice.

Back to the doughnuts, they are very easy to make and you only need a few ingredients. You need a tube of buttermilk biscuits, doesn’t matter what brand, milk, vanilla, and powdered sugar. I used my brand new Green Earth Pan and Canola oil to cook the doughnuts. After you open your biscuits, if you have a small round cookie cutter, maybe the size of a nickel, you can use that to cut holes with. I used the lid to a bottle of water I was drinking.  After your oil is heated enough, or if you need to test it, toss one of the holes in to check the temperature. It is good to have something on hand to flip the doughnuts. I was out of paper towels so instead I used my strainer over a pan and when the doughnuts were done, I tossed them into the strainer to let the excess oil drip away.

For the topping, you can use whatever you family likes on their doughnuts. Using the recipe that is listed below, you can just drizzle the icing over the doughnuts as we did with our first batch. The girls thought the icing was too sweet, so with the second batch I just sprinkled powdered sugar over them, this was so yummy! The girls said the second batch tasted like funnel cakes and who doesn’t like funnel cakes? There you have it, nice and very easy doughnuts that you can make at home without a lot of mess. They’re not Krispy Kreme doughnuts, but they are a decent substitute for when there isn’t one nearby.

1 can of biscuits- or however many cans you would like to make, I used 2.

You need something to cut holes in the biscuit, I improvised with a water bottle lid.  Simply, drop them in hot grease, until they look golden brown.


1 c. powdered sugar
2 tbsp. milk
1/4 tsp. vanilla

We found that the glaze was way too sweet for us, so we improvised again and simply used powdered sugar on the second batch. Just do whatever your family likes the best. Easy homemade doughtnuts and I only spent maybe 10 minutes in the kitchen, if that.

Source ( Cooks.com)

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