DIY Acrylic Nails on the cheap!

Frugal DIY Acrylic Nails

Getting your nails done at a salon can become heavy on the wallet. Normally a salon will charge $25-$30 for a full set, and then you will have to have that set filled every other week, for around $15-$20. You can save money by doing your own nails. It takes some practice, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes second nature. Invest in some supplies, which may come to around the cost of a full set and 1 fill, but will last you far longer than that. Replace what you get low on as you go, and you will surely save money!

The items in this first list are necessities. You don’t need them all though, you will need to look through them and decide which you prefer, as far as the acrylic and nail tip type. Make sure to watch the video at the end of this post in full, before you attempt your own nails.

  1. False Nail Tip Clipper – $1.64
  2. 5pcs Acrylic Nail Brush – $1.90
  3. Set of 5 Nail Art Practice Fingers – $2.54 (not required, but helpful if you want to do a few to learn on before doing your own nails)
  4. 12 Mix Colors Acrylic Powder – $2.89 (If you don’t want to paint them, use colored acrylics instead of clear)
  5. 500 Pcs Clear French Nail Art Tips – $2.96
  6. 10pcs black nail art buffers – $3.44
  7. 500 White False French Nail Art Tips – $3.74
  8. Clear Color Acrylic Powder – $4.40
  9. 10 bottles of Acrylic Nail Art Glue – $4.40
  10. Nail Dehydrater – $7.97
  11. Acrylic Nail System Liquid – $7.98
  12. Electric Manicure Nail Art File – $9.70

The following items aren’t required to do your own acrylic nails, but they are nice to have on hand to make them all sorts of pretty when you are done. Plus, the prices are fantastic, so grab a few.

  1. Nail Art Brushes – $1.00
  2. Nail Tape Stripe Decoration Stickers – $1.02
  3. Nail Art Tweezers – $1.20
  4. White Pearl Nail Art Stone – $1.30
  5. 1200 Nail Art Rhinestones – $1.50
  6. Dotting Pen Set – $1.65
  7. Caviar Nail Art – $2.29
  8. 15pcs Nail Art Painting Brush Set – $2.62
  9. Rhinestone Picker Pencil – $2.94

The following is not my video, but the best “How to” for acrylic nails that I have found.

Remember, Amazon prices change all the time, but they were accurate as of the time of this post.

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