Our Vacation schedule has changed, but we’re still saving money!

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I mentioned before, how we were using Groupon to save money on our vacation, but things have changed a tad. We’re still going on vacation to Michigan, and we are still saving money by using Groupon Cupons, but we have decided to hold off on the vacation until Summer. I just got a new job, so things are going to be a little more hectic than usual around here, and we would rather not be stuck in a foreign state if we were snowed in while over there. The good news is, we now have six more months to scour the coupons that will benefit us most, such as the TripAdvisor coupons, and PeaPod coupons to make our shopping a little less hectic before we leave.

Since we have pushed our vacation back, the Groupon that I bought for the hotel stay, would no longer work for us, but all I had to do was click one button in  my account to cancel the order and I received all my Groupon Bucks back immediately. These can now be spent on a hotel stay for the future instead. I love how easy that was, I was worried that it might have been a headache to reschedule.

We were all a little bummed about not going on vacation next month, but I really think this is for the best, since it will be warmer and we will be able to scout the outdoors a whole lot more than we had originally planned.

Do you live in, or have been to Michigan? Let me  know what your favorite family activities are to do in the area.  We are looking to fill our vacation schedule with lots of fun!

Willow Stevens

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