Woolzies Dryer Balls review


So excited about these Woolzies Dryer balls that I was sent for review! I had the plastic spikey dryer balls and used them for quite some time, but they eventually cracked and broke, not to mention the fact that since they were from the dollar store, they probably had phthalates in them, so I am glad to replace them!

Woolzies comes in a box of 6 and they are 100% natural with no chemicals. HUGE PLUS! We don’t use fabric softener, not only because of the chemicals in it, but also because it puts a film over the vent of dryers, and even though you are removing the lint at every load, that film can build up without being noticed, since it is clear. It can get so thick that if you run your screen under water, it doesn’t flow through and this can lead to fires. It really isn’t worth the risk, just to have softer clothes, especially when you can throw some wool dryer balls in there and have them bounce around to give you that softness without added chemicals.

Our dryer automatically detects how long the clothes need to be dried, and adjusts the time accordingly. We have been using these dryer balls for about a month now and our drying time has gone from 56 minutes to 44 minutes! Twelve minutes may not sound like a huge deal, but it adds up! With 6 kids, we have to do 2-3 loads per day, and with 12 minutes off each one, that means over a half hour each day that we used to spend on laundry, and can now spend somewhere else! Let’s multiply that again……over the course of 1 year, we will have saved 219 hours, the equivalent of a little over 9 DAYS! NINE DAYS of laundry time GONE!

These dryer balls also help reduce static, so again, no need for chemicals! I haven’t had an issue with the “static reduction” quality losing it’s potency so far, but Woolzies says that you can just place each ball into a thin sock and run them through the wash in hot water with your regular detergent. Then remove them from the sock and put them in the dryer on the highest heat setting, and that should make them get rid of static again. Easy Peasy!

The best part? These dyer balls are GUARANTEED to last for 1,000 loads of laundry! Math time again! We do 2-3 loads of laundry per day, so these should last us about 11 months! What bottle of fabric softener will last you 11 months? Frugality at it’s best!

Willow Stevens

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