5 Ways to Help Your Children Focus in School

Have you noticed your child’s grades slipping because they aren’t paying attention while in school? This is a problem that many parents struggle with, resulting in frustration among families that can’t figure out what’s wrong. While it can be easy to assume the problem is your child just not wanting to listen, what if the problem is an inability to focus? Below you’ll find five ways to help your child focus in school so they can pay attention more easily.


1. Check Their Vision

When was the last time your child went to the optometrist to have an annual eye exam? Since the brain learns based on what the eye sees, it’s critical to a child’s development that they can see and understand what they’re looking at. The American Optometric Association stresses regular exams to assure kids have good vision.


2. Do Homework Without Television

Television is distracting, and even if your child is doing their homework, they won’t be giving their full attention if they’re listening to something in the background. Prepare them for school by offering them the same environment they’ll have in class when they do homework. Turn off computers, turn off the television, and put the phone away.


3. Give Them a To-Do List

For children who have trouble focusing because of learning disabilities, a to-do list can be an ideal solution. At the start of class, have them work with the teacher to write down all that they need to get done before they leave. As your child completes each task, they can cross it off and see their progress.


4. Discuss a Plan with the Teacher

Some children need a little bit more help to increase their ability to focus in class. To guarantee this happens, discuss a plan with their teacher. This can include everything from seat placement to the use of tools such as privacy dividers/headphones.


5. Give Them an Aid

While fidget toys are popular, many schools no longer allow these because they can be distracting to other kids. Fortunately, you can go an alternative route with something as simple as essential oils. Just put a few drops of focus-enhancing patchouli, frankincense, vetiver, or ylang ylang in a small jar for them to bring to school. Let the teacher know your child will use this as a tool to help them keep on track.


Encouraging Focus for Children of All Ages

It’s no secret that school presents many distractions and opportunities for kids to lose focus. This is why it’s so important to teach them tools for keeping their attention on the task ahead. Use the above tips to help and remember to give them time to adjust and learn.

Willow Stevens

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