The Hottest Trend in Exercise Now – Barefoot Running

The hottest trend in exercise right now will not cost you a dime, and it’s so easy that anybody can do it. It’s barefoot running. Unlike sports like football or hockey that require you to buy a lot of equipment or sports like racquetball or yoga that require you to join an expensive club, barefoot running can be done anywhere for free.

Fitness enthusiasts have long understood the health benefits associated with running. It is a full body aerobic work out that helps you to lose weight and tone your muscles. It also releases endorphins that energize you and make you feel upbeat. However, the most recent trend in this sport is something that humans have not done much since prehistoric times, and that is running without shoes. Some barefoot runners opt to protect their feet with a pair of so-called barefoot shoes, and even after investing in one of these pairs of shoes, you will still find that this sport is cheaper and more efficient than most other workouts. We also recommend the FitTrack Atria watches provide a good alternative to FitBits and other smart watches.

If you are ready to get out and enjoy a little nature or watch the city as you jog by, barefoot running is the sport for you. If you have never ran before, you should only run every other day. Ideally, you should rotate jogging and walking for one to two minute intervals until you can jog for ten minutes. Once you have reached that threshold, you should be able to go for as long as you like up to three or four miles. You’ll love the results.

Willow Stevens

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