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With the oldest 4 away at their aunt’s house for the weekend, we figured we would check out our local museum. We have lived here for about three and a half years now, but didn’t even know this place existed until last year, and never made it out til now. We wanted to check the place out and make sure fees, if any, were low, so that we could afford to bring all 6 of the kids. It turns out that there is no entrance fee, it is completely free. They don’t get any government funding though, so they rely on donations.

Liam and Lilli got to see many nifty things from our city’s past life. Things have changed so much! They both thought that the classroom chairs (above) were really cool and they had fun playing with the chalk boards that were assigned to each student, instead of notebooks and pencils.


We knew that our city was well known for our export of gloves, I mean, if the name Gloversville wasn’t a clue, I am not sure what is. However, we learned today that we were also known for ice export! The kids got a kick out of this because of their current love for the movie “Frozen”.


They both enjoyed being inside of one of the first jail cells. They asked to stay in there all day. I laughed! This was originally in Johnstown, the next town over but still in Fulton County.


Like I said, we knew that gloves were a big part of our city’s history, so the glove room was really neat to look at. We learned how much a factory glove worker earned per week, depending on how many dozen gloves they produced.


We got to see the World’s Smallest glove, which was only about 2 inches in length. it was really cute!


We ALSO got to see the World’s Largest Glove, which was about the same size as my kids, WOW!


This is a small HO train representation of Fulton County, NY. We learned that the man who donated it actually made a HUGE model, but they could only accept this small portion of it, because it would have taken up a whole second room of the museum otherwise. The kids got to push the button that makes the train start around the tracks.

I love anything to do with medical information, both current and historical, so when I saw a display of antique medical equipment, I stood and read a bunch of it. This little Bayer Aspirin container made me smile.


However, my favorite item in the museum was this “Guest Pac” from the Hotel Kingsborough, simply because it made me laugh. This little care package left in each guest room had, not only the shampoos and bar soaps that we are used to now, but also a little liquor bottle (that we pay, what? $8 for now!?) and a condom (top right hand of the box)!


One of the reasons we wanted to visit the Fulton County Museum, was to see if we could find any information on our house. we love cool historical stuff like that. We found out that our road used to be named “School Street” which honestly, didn’t surprise me at all. We have an old abandoned schoolhouse as our next door neighbor. We did manage to find an old picture of the schoolhouse!


Our house was built before the schoolhouse, and eventually our road took on it’s McKinley name. NOTE: Now that I basically told you exactly where I lived, please no stalking! Or autographs!

This is what the schoolhouse looks like today. It is pretty much boarded up all around and is a safe haven for wild animals. The pigeons that live in the attack are beautiful to listen to in the summer though!


While we were there, one of the women working there gave us 8 tickets to their upcoming Ice Cream Social! On Friday, May 16th from 6:30 to 8pm, they will be having an antique car show, ice cream, live music and more. Tickets are $3.50 each and children 5 and under are free, so if you are in the area, come join us; it sounds like a lot of fun!

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