6 Ways Teachers Can Make Extra Money Outside of Teaching

Teachers are some of the most generous people you’ll ever meet. They pour their heart and soul into their job every day because they want to help kids learn and grow. And while it may not seem like it sometimes, teachers put a lot of thought into what they do and how they can stand out from the crowd. But that doesn’t mean that money isn’t an essential part of the equation. The cost of living continues to rise yearly, and income simply isn’t keeping up with expenses for many people. That means that teachers need to find creative ways to bring in outside income so they can continue supporting themselves without going broke. So if you’re also looking for ways to make money outside of teaching, here are 6 tips on how you can do just that:

Sell resources and lesson plans

Teachers have a lot of resources and materials that they use in their classes. That’s to be expected because they need materials to teach their students, and they also need to follow the curriculum that their school has put in place. But that doesn’t mean those materials can’t be repurposed and sold to other teachers. Teachers selling educational materials they don’t plan on using anymore online can be a great idea to generate an additional source of income for something they are already doing. 

These items are a great way to earn a passive income because once you make them, you can sell them repeatedly without having to do anything else. It’s important to note that you don’t want to sell anything you or your school are not authorized to sell. That means that you can’t sell textbooks because they’re usually copyrighted.

Write eBooks and blog posts.

Teachers are well-known for having many ideas; perhaps no two professions are more creative than teaching and writing. If you’re an innovative teacher with a passion for writing, one of the best ways to make money on the side is by writing eBooks. The beauty of writing eBooks is that you can write about pretty much anything. You can share your knowledge and expertise with other teachers or write fiction for students who want to get their hands on their own stories. 

Teaching kids to write is a great way to engage them in their education and make money on the side. No matter what you write about, you can use your eBook to help promote your side hustle by posting it to your blog. There are lots of different ways to generate traffic to your blog. You can share your posts on social media, email your subscribers, and even try a bit of paid advertising if you have a large enough budget.

Join research studies

If you have a background in education, research can be one of the best ways to make money on the side, especially if you have a flexible schedule. After all, most research projects are looking for lots of data from diverse participants, making them an ideal option for teachers who want to earn money in their spare time. You can find research studies in various fields, including health, psychology, education, and more. And the great thing about joining studies is that many of these projects need people with experience in the field, so it’s unlikely that you’ll be competing against other people for these positions. 

You can find research studies on sites like – Smarter Click – This is a great site to use if you’re interested in making a bit of extra cash while also making an impact on advancing research. The site has various projects on education, health, and psychology. – Survey Junkie – This is another excellent site that you can use to find research studies. The great thing about Survey Junkie is that it caters to people from different backgrounds. So even if you don’t have experience in education, you can still sign up and find work.

Teach English as a foreign language

If you speak a foreign language fluently, you can teach English as a foreign language to students or adults in another country. It’s a unique way of making money outside of teaching, and it’s also an excellent way for you to give back to your community and help others learn. There are a few different ways to teach English abroad, including finding a job at a school, finding freelance work, or finding a job through a company that hires teachers to teach English as a foreign language abroad.

Be an online tutor

There are lots of online tutoring companies that will pay you to tutor students online. Some of these sites specialize in certain subjects, like math and science, while others are open to any subject. You can find online tutoring jobs by checking out sites like Tutor.com, one of the largest online tutoring companies. They offer tutoring on many issues and boast that they can pair you with a student 24 hours after applying. 

Work on curriculum development

You can find work on curriculum development projects if you have a background in education. These projects allow you to work with educators and other subject matter experts to create the next generation of textbooks and other educational materials.


Teachers are some of the most generous and helpful people you’ll ever meet. They constantly go above and beyond to help their students succeed, spending many hours outside of school preparing for the next day. The only thing many teachers ask in return is to be appreciated and compensated for their efforts.

But the sad fact is that many teachers struggle to make ends meet. That’s because the cost of living has risen dramatically over the last few years, and salaries for teachers lag behind inflation.

If you’re struggling to make ends meet as a teacher, you don’t have to resign yourself to your fate. Instead, you can look for ways to make money outside of teaching so you can support yourself and your family.

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