Tips for Buying a Food Freezer

tips on buying a freezer

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One way to take advantage of grocery store sales is to invest in a food storage freezer. Never miss out on stocking up. Here are some tips to help you decide which one is the right storage unit for your home.

What’s for Dinner?

It’s nice to have choices when it comes to meals. If you have picky eaters, variety will help you to keep your sanity. With a normal refrigerator, you are given a certain amount of freezer storage space. For most families, this is hardly enough room to meet your food needs, especially if there are more than two of you.

Purchasing a food storage freezer could be a wise investment. One, you will have room to store meats, frozen vegetables, desserts and the like. Instead of shopping for one week or two at a time, you can keep your home well stocked with the ingredients you need to prepare just about any meal at any time. Buying in bulk often saves money in the long run.

6 Tips for Buying a Food Freezer

  1. Measure your space – There is nothing worse than getting your new appliance home and finding out that it doesn’t fit. Decide where you will put it and then accurately take measurements so you know the limits on size. Don’t forget to leave head space for opening the top of the freezer.
  2. Perform some research – What types of freezers are on the market? For one, decide if you will need a chest freezer or a standing freezer (resembles a refrigerator). There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Food storage is easier in an upright model but a chest freezer may fit best in your space or for your needs.
  3. Consider what options appeal to you – In times past, people used to have to defrost their refrigerator regularly to keep it working properly. Who has time for that anymore? Frost free models spare you that task. Look for easy clean surfaces inside and out. Is there a light so you can see? Are shelves adjustable? Is there a basket in the chest model?
  4. Look at energy efficiency – Many appliances have energy efficient ratings that are described on the outside of each model. Saving money on your energy bill is just as important as saving money on groceries.
  5. Read reviews online – There are literally hundreds of sites that list freezers sold at various stores and freezer models. If there are customer reviews available, read what they have to say about their product. You might find it quite insightful.
  6. Look at price – Just because it costs a lot doesn’t mean it is the better choice; conversely, the same is true. Cheaper is not poorer quality. Consider the other factors above along with cost.

Have you narrowed it down to two or three choices? It’s time to shop for your new freezer.

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