Summer Organic Square Foot Garden Tour

John from gives a viewer visiting from Brazil a tour of his summer square foot raised bed front yard

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Our Garden is Growing! Organic Vegetable Garden 2012

Finally recorded this…been putting it off, it’s been a busy summer. I’ll put updates more frequently so stay tuned! Thanks

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Jesse in the Garden Episode 1 – Planting a backyard vegetable garden.

Jesse shows you how to start your own vegetable garden in the backyard. Womanswork 610vg Vegetable Garden Wheel

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A walk through my multi raised bed square foot vegetable garden (2 weeks after planting)

Our veggie garden, with inspirations from some of the youtube videos of Growingyourgreens! For the one week compost/lawn clipping turnaround

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Phoenix Vegetable Garden Update June ’12

An update on my organic/veganic vegetable garden in Phoenix Arizona. June, 2012. Check out The Field and Garden Vegetables

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Vegetable Garden in Phoenix

This is my first garden. I started the project thinking we’d just have 1 or 2 raised beds but it

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