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If you’ve been here long enough, you will know that I have tried many different programs to help me lose weight. So far, none has worked. Sometimes it was because the program had me eating all of their foods, nothing else…..unfortunately, the foods were processed, there were artificial flavors, or preservatives and it wasn’t my style of eating. I enjoy the fresh foods, the ones that are all natural, the ones without preservatives….those extra things I can do without. I couldn’t stomach the foods that I was given n other programs, while others I knew loved it. I found that those who liked that program, were ones who were used to eating microwave frozen dinners and fast foods, but that wasn’t me. The only reason I lost weight was because I couldn’t bring myself to eat it. That isn’t healthy.

When Shaklee told me that I was on their list with 90 other  bloggers who would all be on their program and get the chance to try it out and tell our readers about it, I got all excited! I still will get to eat the foods I love, like fresh fruits and vegetables. I can still enjoy my steaks and pork! The daily routine on Shaklee will be a smoothie with their Energizing Smoothie mix, a serving of fruit and 3 Metabolic Boost Tablets for breakfast. They say to take 1 tablet with each meal, but I know me….I would take 1 in the morning and forget the rest, so 3 at breakfast it is! Lunch would be either an Energizing Smoothie or one of their Meal-in-a-bars. Dinner is foods that I would normally eat and love, just in moderation, and the healthier, the better. Here is the best part…….I can mix that up. If I want a treat for lunch, I can do my mid-day smoothie or bar for dinner instead! I like the flexibility and the fact that I can still eat *MY* foods.

I was nervous about this though, I was chosen right after I decided to go Gluten Free. I have always had migraines, and nothing ever worked. I would average one migraine a week, since I was a teen. I tried everything from holistic medication to Rx, nothing worked. Finally, I heard that gluten could cause migraines if you have an intolerance to it. I figured I had nothing to lose but the migraines and I was willing to take that risk. It has now been 4 weeks and I have been migraine free since! The first week I went GF, I lost 18 pounds, but it came right back. I was so excited about that though. I was glad to be migraine free and I was worried that by being on this program, I would start getting them again. I assumed the products contained gluten, but I am so happy to say that they do not! They contain non-GMO Soy protein and no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or sweeteners and they are both gluten and lactose free!

Today is a new beginning, and I wanted to give you all a look through my eyes. This is what I see when I weigh myself, and I am sick of it! Hopefully with a natural and safe product, I will finally get rid of this belly!

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