Manicure of the Week – Julep Parker and Jamberry nails


So, you may have noticed that there was no Manicure post yesterday, and for that I am sorry…..well, not really, I have an excuse! My acrylic nails fell off. I wanted to cry! I do my own nails, so that isn’t the issue. My problem is that I am out of acrylic and now have to wait for my Amazon order to come in.

This gave me a chance to play with the Jamberry Nails sample that Kelly sent me. I don’t even know the name of this print, but I LOVE IT! I found a green version of this on her site, called Emerald Ikat, though. I paired this with Parker by Julep and it was a beautiful match!

I have NEVER had a nail shield work for me, so I was surprised when this went on with no rips at the tip like I am used to. With other brands, I always have wrinkles and broken tips, but these came out perfectly! I think it has a lot to do with the fact that they are thicker than other brands, and you need a hair dryer (I don’t have a hair dryer, but I have a heat gun, so I used that) to soften it up a little to get it to form to your nails.

I think I would like to try some more of these, even with my acrylics. Thing is, with how often I change my nail color, I am not sure I want to spend $15 on them. if I were going to a blogging conference, or on vacation, where changing polish would be difficult, I’d totally spring for these though!

I will show you a few of the ones I fell in love with, and would love to get on my nails.


This is called Cherry Blossom and it is PERFECT! Reminds me of Arizona Iced Tea, which I love.


Nail Pollack looks like random paint splatter, and I adore the care-free look of this shield.


And of course, Skulls & Checks! This is an adorable overload!

So, the next few days aren’t going to be very pretty, cause my nails are all sorts of ripped up and different lengths. I ordered some new brushes for my acrylics, some extra powder and some new tips, since I was running low on those too.

Yes, I tend to go through a lot of tips, which one would think isn’t needed, since you just grow them out over time and just fill the nail beds. This would be correct….if I was normal…..I am far from normal, sadly. My nails repel polish and anything I try to put on them. This is why I change my polish so often, because by day 2, it is chipping off terribly, and by day 3, falling off in sheets. Acrylic nails last longer than that for me, but really only about a week. Sometimes I can push them along for 2 weeks, but by then they look awful. Filling doesn’t do anything for my nails, they just fall right off, like my nails are going “I’ll never let go Jack!” and then my nails sink into the ocean. I got sick of paying for full sets all the time at the salon, and learned how to do my own to save money.

I’m thinking of doing a video on how I do my acrylics, and if/when that happens, I’ll be sure to put it up on the blog.

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