How to Recycle a Cheez-It box into a Card Holder


I just got a TON of cards for FREE at CVS a while back, and I had nowhere to store them. I love great deals like that, but I am trying to get organized too. That’s when I looked next to my desk and saw the empty box of Cheez-Its that I finished off yesterday and got an awesome idea! I was going to upcycle that into something beautiful to store my new cards in.


I love little projects like this, that use only a few things that I already have in the house. I don’t see a point in going out and spending money on something that you can do for free. Gather up a few things you have: an empty box, scrapbook paper, tape and scissors. if you are not a scrapbooker (neither am I!) then just do what I did, and print off something fun. I found this cute printable over at Scrapbook Scrapbook and it was a free printable. I printed off 3 pages, but only needed 2 of them. I made the “ribbon” by printing  a dark purple line, on light purple paper, then cutting it to size, to make it look like there was dark ribbon on top of light ribbon.


Cut the top off of the Cheez-It (or whatever box you are using) box, then cut a diagonal line down the front and back of the box. The next step is where the many years of wrapping presents for 6 kids come in. Wrap the box with your paper, tape in place, add the final touch of the printed ribbon (or real ribbon if you have it) and wallah! You now have a beautiful place to store your cards!

Willow Stevens

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