Learning Curve Brands Super Why – Wave and Learn Magic Spelling Wand only $8.76!

This Super Why Wand is only $8.76!! From the Manufacturer The princess presto wave and learn magic spelling wand is a motion activated learning device that combines learning with role play for hours of fun, interactive play. Just wave the wand to find the answer or to advance the play. This item features 3 interactive learning modes the teach letter sounds or phonics, spelling, problem … [Read more...]

Gingerbread Christmas Children Art and Craft Project Video | Cullen’s Abc’s

At www.CullensAbcs.com find more free preschool videos. Activity ideas for you, and for children edutainment (educating and entertaining) videos that support their development at home and in the classroom.Beach Buddies Shell CraftsA Faber-Castell Creativity For Kids Kit. Turn 25 real sea shells into a crew of creative crustaceans. This complete set includes a tropical pallet of paint, … [Read more...]

How to make photo frame – kid’s craft

-free e-school -teach by demonstration -inexpensive materials YOU NEED 1) Grey Board, 2) Natural Jutes, 3) Poster Colour By: janice keeMelissa & Doug Friendship Stamp SetStamp and sketch to your heart's content with this cheerfully themed collection. When inspiration hits, this simple stamp and pencil set lets budding artists make countless colorful creations. Friendship-themed images include a … [Read more...]

An Autistic’s Response: 50 Cent Autism Tweets and How He Can Become an Advocate

As an autistic individual who is a big fan of 50 Cent I was very offended by two of his tweets. On Monday, July 2nd, 50 Cent on his Twitter Page responded to a tweet from a fan by saying, "yeah just saw your picture fool you look autistic." and followed it up to say "I don't want no special ed kids on my time line follow some body else." After some backlash on his twitter page from some very upset … [Read more...]

Autistic Pride Day: Celebrating Neurodiversity

My Autism My Voice Episode 88: In this video, I share my passion for Autistic Pride Day, which is held on June 18th of every year to celebrate neurodiversity. If you want to learn more about how I'm sharing my voice with others please check out my Blog here: www.myautismmyvoice.com my homepage here: www.kerrymagro.com liking my Facebook Fan Page here: www.facebook.com or following me on Twitter … [Read more...]

Autism: Life in a Different World

A short documentary about what life is like with an Autistic family member. I made this film to help raise awareness for autism and also to help educate people who do not know what autism is. I hope you will take something from this film and hopefully come to better understand what these families go through. Thank you for your time. God Bless.Autism By Hand"I never wanted to write this book. I … [Read more...]


tinyurl.com tinyurl.com tinyurl.com Ingredients: 1 x 400g can lentils, rinsed, drained 1 tsp garlic paste 380g mushroom cups, roughly chopped 30g (1/3 cup) cornflake crumbs 2 eggs Salt & freshly ground black pepper 1 1/2 tbs olive oil 1 large (about 160g) brown onion, thinly sliced into rings 4 soft soy-linseed bread rolls mix salad leaves to serve ENJOY! ~ Nicko Intro theme to Nicko's Kitchen is … [Read more...]

Autism | Faculty of Education | The University of British Columbia

Dr. Pat Mirenda, Professor, Department of Educational & Counselling Psychology, and Special Education, UBC Faculty of Education, speaks about her work in autism. Visit educ.ubc.caAutism Spectrum Disorders: The Complete Guide to Understanding Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, Pervasive Developmental DisoBased on nearly two decades of Chantal Sicile-Kira's personal and professional experiences with … [Read more...]

An Autistic’s Response: “Autistic Boy Branded A Cheater By Xbox Live”

My Autism My Voice Episode 83: This is my response video to NEWFIexMAX's youtube video he posted about a 10 year old autistic boy named Julias Jackson who was labeled as a "cheater" by X-Box Live and took away all of his achievements. Jennifer Zdenek, the mother, was outraged by them doing this to her son as this was one of his only outlets. The footage from the video that shows this was done by Q … [Read more...]

An Autistic’s Response: “Teacher/Bully: How My Son Was Humiliated and Tormented by his Teacher”

This is my response to the video "Teacher/Bully: How My Son Was Humiliated and Tormented by his Teacher and Aide." To learn more check out the link here: www.youtube.com My name is Kerry Magro and I was diagnosed with Autism at 4 and feel a great deal of compassion for Stuart and his 10 year old autistic son, Akian and there situation with The Cherry Hill School System. Please sign his petition … [Read more...]