Veggie Garden Update 13th March 2012….

Just a quick look at the patch & a bit of a plug for our new Channel… RB’s Kitchen

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Vegetable garden update in the smoking hot sweltering melting summer heat 7-7-2012

Sooo hot, really need rain. If you like us & our videos, please click on “like” & SUBSCRIBE to our

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Our Garden is Growing! Organic Vegetable Garden 2012

Finally recorded this…been putting it off, it’s been a busy summer. I’ll put updates more frequently so stay tuned! Thanks

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Veggie Garden Update 13th July 2012…

Got a tad long & I tend to abuse the use of the word “So” for some reason… Probably to

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Phoenix Vegetable Garden Update June ’12

An update on my organic/veganic vegetable garden in Phoenix Arizona. June, 2012. Check out The Field and Garden Vegetables

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Vegetable Garden in Phoenix

This is my first garden. I started the project thinking we’d just have 1 or 2 raised beds but it

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