Watering The Vegetable Garden: The Easy Way

Thanks for the views, comments, and support. Please like, subscribe and share this video. Video by category: playlist: www.youtube.com How I water my garden. I won’t say it’s the best way, but it definitely works, especially considering my water source is over 100 yards away and I have no mechanical means of bringing water to the garden other than a water hose.. I use raised beds and what are essentially irrigation ditches to do the main watering of the garden rows. For delicate seeds and small plants I use a 55 gallon drum and a watering can. Once the plants are established, only the watering of the trenches / ditches is required. The plants will send their roots deep into the ground in search of the water that is held below. This will help to keep the plants roots cool in the heat of summer. Watering this way allows me to use my time in the garden for other tasks such as picking fruits and vegetables, picking weeds, maintaining rows, staking tomatoes, hilling potatoes, and preventing pests like flea beetles, powdery mildew, and potato bugs. Tags: watering vegetable garden irrigation ditch agriculture farming “work smarter not harder” MiWilderness Michigan prepper homesteading permaculture “gardening by the foot” “square foot gardening” “three sisters garden” great depression cooking preserving food fruit crop rotation “water conservation” Flower Green Eco “organic farm” Gardens Gardening Friendly Earth Flowers Organic Water Sustainable Eden staking tomatoes hilling

Plan Toy Doll House Vegetable Garden

The set includes a wheelbarrow, watering can, spade, plus 4 vegetable beds with removable carrots, radishes, turnips, and cauliflowers.

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