REALLY Stressful Morning – Was told that my office had to move ASAP!

So, I am sitting here stressing out, because I was told that my office had to move. And not in 30 days, not 2 weeks, but IMMEDIATELY! I had to move, NOW. As if that wasn’t stressful enough, after my computer, and desk and all my belongings were moved; the internet did not work. I was going crazy, it was only 8am and everything was going wrong!

Do understand the kind of stress this puts on a blogger? Not having in internet access is just about as bad as receiving a pink slip. I might as well have been fired.

Currently, I have my computer rigged up through 25′ extension cords and the modem is on the floor, because there is nowhere else to put it. I have no outlets at my new location, so things are difficult.

There is some good news to be had though. When the power goes out, my clocks reset themselves to noon. Which means that it is okay to drink this bottle of Riesling that I found in my desk drawer. Boy do I need it right about now! Thanks to for that, by the way!

I am stuck here in this electricity-free area, trying to keep my internet working, long enough to write this post. I’ve had to reset the modem twice now, things just are NOT going the way that they should be.

Why was I being moved? My office is being renovated. Yes, I will be back in my office once that is done, but I mean, that is just even MORE stressful! Seriously…that just means I will have to move everything back over to my original office. Then I will be sitting there at my desk, sniffing paint. Can you get high off of water-based paint? Man, that would make for some interesting posts, huh?

I wanted to take pictures, but I misplaced my camera in the move. Give me a bit to search for it….

Ok, I found it!

This is my old office. The floor is being ripped out, the walls are being painted over, and they let a cat in my office! I’m certain it’s a stray, they probably put food out for it, and now I’ll never get rid of it.

So, I asked the contractor how long he thought this was going to take, and he assured me it would only be for the day, and that I should be able to move back into my office by the end of the week. However, I know that is a LIE! If you have ever worked with contractors before, you know the first rule of contracting… “Everything takes longer than it takes.” so if he quoted me next week, I am probably not getting back in there until October!

I do find solace in the fact that the floor in my makeshift office is very similar to the one in my previous office. I am assuming they had a sale on it back in the 50’s. Or…maybe I should just give up lying. Well, I am not really lying, it absolutely is the most stressful six foot move I have ever made.

Man, I know, that desk looks horrible, it is COVERED with EVERYTHING. UGH! Yea, come on people, I work from home, lol. When the internet wouldn’t work this morning, I was really stressed, and my husband told me that I should write about how stressed I was, so here it is, lol.

Our new TV is due to arrive today. You know, the one I got for free by saving up all the Amazon Gift Cards I got from various point sites? We ordered a 55″ Sony HDTV and I am so excited for it to arrive! I am more excited that it was free. Yea, we saved for a LONG time, but it was still free! I am also glad that it finally got my contractor…ehem, husband….to get some work done on this awful looking living room!

Here is the other side of the room, it has 1 coat of paint on it so far, and he is now working on coat number two. I love the color! I can’t wait til the new floor is in! I will keep you all updated with my “stressful office renovation” as time goes on.

Willow Stevens

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