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Health and fitness goes hand in hand like a baseball bat and gloves. One does not necessarily work without the other one. How can someone say he or she wants good health but refuses to eat right or exercise? Health is the one thing that is more valuable than money. Here are a few tips and techniques that requires a few minutes per day.

Walking is the oldest exercise in the world. A 5 or 10 minute walk can increase the blood flow throughout the body, lower cholesterol and help keep the heart healthy. You can also boost your exercise routine by using fitness supplements, check meticore weight loss supplements at the link.

Eating healthier means eliminating sugar, fat and unwanted carbs from the diet plan. Eat lots of fiber, drink plenty of water and get eight hours sleep each night. It does not take a rocket scientist to know that at a certain age the body’s metabolism slows down.

During this process the body burns calories slowly and stores fat quickly. Leg exercises can be done while sitting in a chair. Place some magazines or books on the upper thighs, raise the heels off the floor and hold that position for about 30 seconds. Repeat this several times per day to strengthen the legs.

Exercising regularly is also known to reduce stress levels. It is not just a mental fact but a physical fact as well. When the body is actively at work good hormones called endorphins are release. These feel good chemicals takes the body to a natural high. Bad hormones called cortisol are reduced during this time and stress levels come down. The body is an amazing machine. The longevity and overall health of the body depends on how well it is cared for.

Willow Stevens

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