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If you have toddlers, you know how quickly something is thrown across the room. Especially their cups and pacifiers! Toddlerville is guilty of this I can’t count how many times I have watched sippy cups or bottles or even pacifers get thrown from a stroller, shopping cart even the table. And there have been plenty of times these items have been thrown without me noticing, leaving us without a sippy cup or binky when they truly need it.

How about dinner time? Do your young ones love to throw their cup down as soon as you place it on their tray or table? In my house, it is an every day olympic event. It may be fun for the kids, but Mama doesn’t like to play fetch. Not to mention think about the grossness from the stuff that is already on the Toddlerville floor! YUCK!

No Throw comes in to save the day! “insert super hero music”

I love the name, how appropriate! Basically, these are tethers for pacifiers and bottles/cups. They attach securely, and make it impossible for your little star pitcher to get their cup or pacifier to the ground. FANTASTIC!

No Throw was invented by Karla and Karen, twin sisters who, through traveling to see each other, experienced one too many thrown sippy cups. Wanting to avoid the embarrassment any more, No Throw was born. Super moms in my book

Amazingly, after using this ONLY once my 2 year old Pat-man learned he couldn’t throw is cup and didn’t try the rest of the meal! “Insert happy dance music here”

I especially love that the pacifier tether is not hook and loop! It has a very sturdy metal clip, and it attaches to the pacifier with a loop. Believe me when I say I have gone through many a pacifier tether, and none of them have been as well made or sturdy! Hook and loop can be pulled apart by the baby, and it wears out just from general wear and tear.

This time of year is especially perfect for No Throw , everyone is out and about. The stroller is a great pitching mound for all your baby items.

I found an added way to use the No Throw How about attaching it to your purse or diaper bag with your keys? My pocketbook is a block hole of cheerios and other mommy things.. I can now give a little tug and my keys float to the top like magic

Are you wondering where you can get your very own No Throw ? Well, besides their website, which you can find HERE, you can also find them at your local Walgreens, Rite Aid, or CVS.com.






No Throw provided me with their products for free so that I could review them and share their awesomeness with you through Freetail Therapy. I was not compensated in any other way, and I really do think they have an amazing, useful product!

Fuggs and Foach wrote this post . Fuggs and Foach is a mother of 2 who lives in Toddlerville USA. She balances life with 2 children, teaching and a husband who works long ours and loves to cook and mess up her kitchen.

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