Battle Creek Appreciation Gift (BAG) Program

The Battle Creek Appreciation Gift (BAG) Program started as a way for me to help out in the community, by upcycling old fabrics into reusable shopping bags. I made quite a few that were given out by the staff at Willard Library, as part of their reusable bag awareness promo.

Once COVID hit, I switched to making reusable masks for local doctor’s offices and the Bronson Hospital.

The problem with this program is that it is dependent on my body’s ability to function, as well as the ability to provide proper maintenance to my sewing machines. Luckily, it held out long enough to allow other mask manufacturers to catch up to the much needed demand, and then promptly died. I am currently in need of a deep machine de-gunking, if not an entirely new machine. I worked it very hard in the early days of COVID, and it did me well. I have been focusing on the other community projects until I am able to swing back around to this one, but I do look forward to crafting the grocery bags again.