Helping Others

I started the Food is Free Battle Creek project, to help inspire others to start a front yard garden as a way to help the community! With the health crisis causing other crises, such as food shortages, it is imperative that we help our neighbors when and where we can! If you would like to adopt a #foodisfreebcbucket please send the page a message.

What does it mean to adopt a bucket?

We will coordinate a time for you to either pickup or if absolutely necessary, delivered. You take care of it in your front yard, and share the bounty with your neighbors.

Why are you adopting out buckets instead of growing them yourself?

I will be growing any that don’t get adopted, as well as our personal 8 bed garden and our front yard garden, so I already have my work cut out for me. I am also hoping to inspire people to grow their own front yard garden, with as many varieties of plants as they can fit. Food is a way to show love, and what better way to tell your Battle Creek neighbors that you love them, than by nurturing the ingredients that will go into their meals?

Why a bucket?

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Kitty Litter pails, specifically! These make perfect growing buckets, you don’t have to replant them. Each bucket has drainage holes drilled in the bottom, to ensure the best possible care. Buckets can be moved around to allow the plant to get as much sunlight as it needs, and they compliment apartment living, or other places where you may not be able to dig a garden into the ground. The buckets have all been either donated to me, or from our own collection, since we seem to attract stray cats. We’re too soft to send them off, so we feed them and vet them, and let them stick around. Hopefully they are repaying me by keeping vermin out of the gardens. Thanks so much for reading! I hope you will follow my project, and I hope to see a lot of front yard gardens pop up around the city!