FREE 5lb. box of the best tasting gluten-free foods!

FREE 5lb. box of the best tasting gluten-free foods!

Gluten Free Food

Many of you might know that I went gluten-free back in January. I have had migraines since i was a child and despite doctor after doctor saying they couldn’t find anything wrong, and just giving me prescription medications to treat instead of cure, I did some research on going Gluten-Free. I found that migraines can be from a gluten intolerance, and since I figured I had tried almost everything, I would give this a shot, JUST IN CASE. Sure enough, once I stopped eating gluten, my migraines stopped…COMPLETELY! I have had a couple migraines in that time, all but 1 I found out that I ate gluten without knowing. That 1 that I can’t figure out if I ate gluten or not, was still only 1 in the last 8 months! That is a HUGE change for me, since I was having 1-2 every week since I was 6!

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So, I am constantly looking for new gluten-free foods, and when I found out about Taste Guru, I signed up right away! I can’t wait to get my first box! They send FIVE POUNDS of gluten free foods! The box is free, but you do have to pay shipping of $12, which isn’t bad at all considering that the USPS says it should be almost $40 for Priority or $14 for Standard Post! I mean, really, it’s 5 lbs of food!

You can cancel at any time, just check out the FAQ’s on their site for info on that if you need it. I am really excited about this one and I’ll let you know when mine arrives!


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