Boycotting stores that open on Thanksgiving? Why I won’t be.

Thanksgiving Funny Cat

There is talks of bloggers “boycotting” stores that open on Thanksgiving, because they don’t agree that they should be forcing people to take time away from their families. I am on the other end of the thought process here. Wouldn’t any job that requires you to work outside of the house, be forcing you to take time away from your family? Wouldn’t working there be an option, and not mandatory? Nobody is forcing anyone to do anything they don’t want to do. Yes, i understand that some places require employees to work certain days, and that if they decide not to, they can be fired, and jobs are not easy to come by. None of that changes the fact that they aren’t being forced to do anything.

I spend time with my family every day. I am thankful every day, I don’t need a special day on the calendar to tell me when to be thankful for my loved ones. So, because of this, I will not be boycotting stores that decide to open early for sales. While I do think that stores are getting a little crazy with trying to one-up each-other to win the best Back Friday Sales award, Thanksgiving isn’t a religious holiday, so they could remain open all day if they really wanted to. There would still be people requesting to work on that day, simply because of the bonuses involved. I remember working in retail, I would sign up to work as many holidays as I could, because it meant more money to pay my bills and gave me extra fun money to do things with my family.

Black Friday is  a day that I like to get out and shop, (well, it has been in the past, but with all the cyber deals now, there really isn’t a need in my mind, but that’s another point entirely) and I would rather work Thursday night, than Friday morning! At this point in my life, however, I am self-employed. I have no days off, because that is how I like it. If I wanted to take a day off, I could, but I enjoy finding great deals and helping people save money, so I tend to work every day, even if just a couple hours. That is my choice, and I also choose to post deals from companies who choose to open early for Black Friday sales.

I will be working on Thanksgiving, on and off all day long. I will most likely be posting pictures of our food as it comes out of the oven, recipes, stories of funny things that happen that day, and so on. To you, that may seem like everyday, normal stuff, something you will probably be doing as well, but to a blogger, that is called work, so yes, I will be working. I would appreciate it if you didn’t black list me for this, but that would be your choice as well.

So there is my rant and ramble about the the whole situation. Tell me what your thoughts are. Will you be boycotting stores that open early? Why? Why not?

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  1. Courtney Hodge says

    I think we should. We need to take at least ONE day just to stay at home and be with family and relax. Enjoy life for even just a day. There is NOTHING we NEED on Thanksgiving Day.

  2. Krista Dailey says

    I think we can hold off until Black Friday. Can’t we at least wait until midnight. It’s really not fair to the people being forced to work when they could be spending time with their families.

  3. Christina Rogers says

    When I used to manage a convenience store, I always had volunteers for holidays. I also had customers that would ask why we were open on holidays. My reply was, “because you are shopping on a holiday.”

  4. Amy Ortiz says

    usually the people that work those jobs ate seasonal employees (not all) but your gonna know you work black Friday before you get the job!! It’s part of working retail. It’s not like we are making them work Christmas.

  5. Holly Ford says

    I was told last year that I was a horrible person for shopping on Thanksgiving. The way I saw it was that I had X money to make Christmas nice for my family and that X money was best spent when I could get the best deal for what I needed. It is not my fault that the company chose to open on Thanksgiving, but I am going to use my money where it does me the most good. If the deals I need are on Thanksgiving, then I will shop on Thanksgiving.

  6. Keira Williams says

    I can see all of your points. We shouldn’t need a day that we have to realize how thankful we are for our family. I spend time with mine every singe day, and am thankful that whole time. Sure, we probably don’t need to go out and shop on Thanksgiving either- but you’re not forced too. Just because they open doors doesn’t mean you have to go. If you want the deal, then you go. If you want to stay with your family all day, then do that. They’re merely giving you the option to do it. There about as many online deals as there are in store. Half my family works Thanksgiving Day for the overtime/benefits, so we’d usually celebrate Black Friday afternoon- and they work in Nursing Homes where so many elderly would be without anyone on the day that we are supposed to cherish family. Some work in restaurants, and you wouldn’t believe the amount of people that go to fast-food or sit-down restaurants on Thanksgiving Day. Should they stay open? Its one of their busiest days of the year. It’s almost ironic how just one day after we say how thankful we are for what we have, most people turn into lunatics to get as much more stuff as possible. But, we normally stay at home relaxing with everyone on Christmas- and at least most stores close for that.

  7. Julee Garcia says

    Tons of people work on Thanksgiving. Its not something new. If you work at the theme parks you may work Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. The only jobs guaranteed to have all the Holidays off are corporate jobs and Government jobs. Nurses and Doctors they all work too. They all get paid for it and that’s the choice they make. Just because you don’t want to work holidays doesn’t mean no one else does.

  8. Rachel Cook Wright says

    I do not think we need to boycott the stores that are open on Thanksgiving, but I do think it would be nice if people just didn’t show up for the “black Thursday” sales. If they did not have sales going Thursday would probably be a pretty light day and they could go with a skeleton crew of those who want to work that day. as it is they have a big sale, they need a full staff, so everyone has to work, even those who have family in from out of town that they do not see often, My husband has not been able to join us for Thanksgiving dinner in at least three years. I say, don’t boycott the stores, shop there on Wednesday, shop there on Friday, if you remember a last minute item you forgot, go ahead and run pick it up, but don’t shop their Thursday SALES.

  9. Melissa Fowler says

    I take my family with me, we play games in the line and share funny stories of when we were younger. My teens love it, their dad is in the Army stationed in Korea, he doesnt get the day off and cant come home to see his girls, maybe we should think of that instead of crying cause someone didnt get the day off, at least they get to go home at the end.

  10. Kayla Powell says

    Hey I’m a nurse and I have to work all the holidays… I mean I wished I could have every holiday off but I also wished I was a millionaire so I don’t have to work. When u get a job u know the requirements. I wouldn’t expect the hospital to discharge all my patients and tell them to come back the day after the holiday

  11. Freetail Therapy says

    Shelby Hall that is my point exactly though. You know the jobs requirements, so no, you are not forced, they are paying you and you have a choice. Yes, you may be fired, but you still aren’t being forced. People are using words that don’t belong being used in this situation. Strongly encouraged? Yes! Forced? No.

  12. Shelby Hall says

    No- I knew I was going to be made to work black friday. Not thanksgiving. Most people are stuck in a situation where they don’t want to risk losing their job so yes they are forced.

  13. Lyndsey Kacprowski Toy says

    I agree with you. My husband has to work and he is not retail. He is a cook. So what is the difference? My dad is an lpn rn nurse he has to work. And my mother in law is a cook at a nursing home/residence. I understand its black friday for a reason and yes I think it should be on Friday but I am going out id rather be home yes but it is what it is.

  14. Julee Garcia says

    So Veronica Spaulding you say all employees should be home. Does that mean we should shut down the Hospitals, nursing homes, theme parks, military, let the zoo animals go without being fed etc? It’s a holiday, yes but a lot of people have to work on Holidays. Its a fact of life, nothing new.

  15. Sabrina Junkins says

    I see nothing wrong with having the choice. How many times has the holiday meal come around and you’re out of butter and hosting? You have the option to go or not to go. I say, if the workers are getting paid extra and not boycotting then why shouldn’t we have the choice? I personally choose not to shop on Thanksgiving or Black Friday, but that’s a choice I was given. When I worked I always volunteered for the holidays, not only because of the extra pay but because other employees might only get that day off while the kids are on break or family is in from out of town. My in laws come up from another state for Thanksgiving, I like spending that time with them and my children, but I do get to see them often where others may not. The choice is yours to make, don’t blame other people because you choose differently..

  16. Hannah Jurg says

    I think it’s unfair. I know that she is trying to say, “you’re not forced, just because you could be fired doesn’t mean you’re forced.” But, come on. How many jobs are out there right now? You can’t just not go to work. If someone says “give me all your money or I’ll shoot you,” you were forced to give up all of your money to keep your life. It’s an ultimatum. And, Thanksgiving is a religious holiday(albeit a small one that Christians don’t hold that important anymore). When the pilgrims celebrated Thanksgiving they were giving thanks to God for getting them through the winter(and they invited the indians too of course for helping them). Overall, why do people have to work thanksgiving but not xmas? I much prefer thanksgiving for its meaning(being thankful to God) than xmas(repackaged pagan holiday that it all about presents in present day).

  17. Jennifer Uzonyi says

    I have to work Black Friday :( However if you don’t want to shop on thanksgiving then don’t. It’s that simple.

  18. Jennifer Uzonyi says

    And for the point of someone having to work on thanksgiving… Like I said I have to work Black Friday and Thanksgiving, and I don’t work retail. You take the job knowing that you will probably have to work holidays. I also work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day…

  19. Jennifer Kimberly says

    THANK YOU!!!! seriously your entire article has Bern my position to those posting boycott pictures. I rarely get a positive response.. SOOOOO glad I am not the only one that feels this way. I feel less of a big jerk lol.

  20. Freetail Therapy says

    Hannah Jurg there is a difference in your scenarios. Nobody is holding a gun to your head telling you to work a holiday, it isn’t the same thing.

  21. Jennifer Kimberly says

    WHEN you work retail if you don’t realize you may be working holidays I don’t know what to.say. I don’t want to work holidays so even when I was despite for a job I did not apply for retail it similar jobs that work holidays and weekends. even then a few holidays where taken away from us. I sucked it up and kneW if I didn’t like it I could fight it or leave .. IT WAS MY CHOICE..

  22. Sabrina Junkins says

    My husband does not work retail, but he will be working some holidays. He gets paid double time and a half and works nights, so he will e home to celebrate some with us. It does get annoying, but we can’t complain since he gets the extra pay, isn’t in the military any longer (did 12 years with multiple deployments), and has a job in this economy lol

  23. Julie Massey-Whitaker says

    I agree 100%!!!! I usually work the actual holiday and my family does the big dinner on Saturday!! I get paid extra for working it! It’s a choice to work very day! You choose to pay your bills or not, right?? Working the holiday helps many employees do that and more!

  24. AmandaAAlexander says

    I understand everyone’s opinion I just remember being a kid and everything being closed and being able to see all my family and enjoy the day. Its sad that its turned more into a shopping day than a day to enjoy time with your family.

  25. AmandaAAlexander says

    Oh and btw when I worked at hhgregg everyone was required to be there thanksgiving night a lot of places are like that.

  26. AmandaAAlexander says

    I just dont see how people think you are getting good deals that night. The deals arent that great as they used to be I’d rather wait cause usually they have better deals after

  27. NicoleGordonAnderson says

    The thing is, if there were no such thing as Black Friday, people will STILL be working.  The world doesn’t shut down because it’s a holiday.  So if people are going to boycott a store, where are they going to shop the rest of their lives?  If they are boycotting for one day, it’s not really boycotting.  It’s just choosing to stay home.  I don’t go Black Friday shopping but I do take advantage of the online deals.

  28. Dizzygirl78 says

    I see where you are coming from on a level, but working retail and working in the other places you mentioned really isn’t the same thing.  We can do without people working in retail, but realistically, we really can’t in hospitals, nursing homes, places where caring for the well-being of people who cannot care for themselves is concerned.  We did just fine not having retailers open for holidays for decades.  The reason they are open now is simply about $.  When money comes before the best interests of people, it just doesn’t seem right to me.

  29. Dizzygirl78 says

    @Kayla Powell The difference is that you are dealing with human lives, I know how this goes, I work in for a hospital on a military base.  I am used to working holidays, but retailers can close down.  It’s about money with them, not human lives.  So much different.  I have no issues working the holiday because of what I do, because of the people who need me to care for them. That’s a life or death issue, but what is not is a store staying open so people can pick up a last minute turkey, a bottle of wine, etc. It’s all about money.  So awful.

  30. MyrnaKasick says

    Jodi, I totally agree with you.  I also spend time with my family every single day, and don’t need a “special day” to tell me to do so.  If a store is open on the holidays, that means that someone is employed and earning money for the family.   More often than not, you will be earning time and a half for working the holiday.   I would happily work the holiday, and celebrate another day.  Who says you have to follow the calendar?  Then again, I am thankful and with my family all the time, so it’s not even an issue for me.  Just wish I had a job.

  31. Carmen Hudson says

    I can’t boycott the Black Friday stores because I work at Walmart and well…nobody has that day off, lol.   And as an employee that has to work that day,  I feel as if I’m being forced to choose between spending that holiday with my entire family, or giving that up to not only get the holiday pay on top of the hours that I work, but also to keep my employment.   Also what people don’t realize, is if you decide to call in that day, even though you may not get fired, you get your hours cut because you aren’t “dependable”.   It’s just the way they play the game.  And it’s not just Walmart, it’s all the other retail stores as well.

  32. Carmen Hudson says

    @Freetail Therapy How can you say you are not forced to work the Black Friday event when the only other option you have is to get fired and not be able to support your children for lack of jobs?  That is being forced to work.

  33. Kandys Mercer says

    I don’t shop on Thanksgiving Day  or Black Friday,  but it isn’t to boycott because they’re open. I avoid stores on those days because of the crazy shoppers. It’s not worth it to try to beat the crowds to save a few bucks. I have worked retail,  and problems with working pn holidays because you get paid more. I even volunteered to work Christmas day when I worked at Eckerd just to get the double time plus hoiday pay.

  34. BrookeMcConnellAdametz says

    I will be waiting until friday to shop. Not to boycott though, but because this is only the second year I get to spend Thanksgiving with my family since I’ve become a mother. I was one of those people that worked thanksgiving every year, 8am- midnight. I managed a restaurant at a golf course, and we would do a thanksgiving brunch and dinner. I didn’t mind one single bit. I also served on holidays, and I would walk out with close to $2000. Sacrificing that single day paid for our entire Christmas for years. Plus, like you said, I saw my family every single day. We had a lot of customers that were seniors who had no family, disabled groups from homes, etc. It was nice to see that they had a place to go to make them feel welcome on a holiday!

  35. SomniumEra says

    Jodi, I agree with you
    As a child of an over the road truck driver and I, always working in the customer service industry, we have always worked around everyone’s days off to schedule our holiday.
    I think it doesn’t matter what day you celebrate, its all about the celebration itself.
    We might have Thanksgiving on Friday or Saturday, whenever everyone has the time is when we have our family time :)

  36. BonnieHewitt says

    If you look up the word “forced” in the dictionary, you will get one of three meanings…
    1. not natural or spontaneous, but produced by an act of will
    2. not done voluntarily but out of necessity
    3. done because somebody who has power requires it
    In this case, these employees are “forced” to work the holidays. No, no one is holding a gun to their heads, but honestly how often does a gun get held to someone’s head in a situation like this? I think it shows unrealistic expectations for someone to give up their job because they want to spend the holiday with their family. I also think it’s a shame that you are placing more value on religious holidays versus a holiday that is part of our nations founding history. We are not all religious, but  (here in the USA) we are all Americans. I personally don’t mind if the stores are open, but I don’t think people should be forced, or feel like they are being forced to work on a day that is intended to be spent giving thanks for what we have versus stomping one another to get more crap. Yes, I understand doctors, nurses, servicemen, and other people in the service industry are all working on the holidays too. In a perfect world, they would break up holiday shifts to four-six hours so everyone got a chance to spend time with families on the holidays. I get to spend time with my family everyday, some people don’t have the luxury of doing that however, especially extended family.

    • says

      I never said i was placing more weight on a religious holiday. I am also not religious, well not in the sense that I get paid holidays, my holidays never end up paid. What I was saying was that people should be thankful for and enjoy their family every day, no need for ANY special holiday to tell them to do it.

  37. KidsHusbandandI says

    I was telling my sister today that I will likely go shopping on Thanksgiving.  The first reason is that I refuse to shop Black Friday in stores.  Since it seems like no one else is going to be shopping on Thanksgiving, I really have no reason to fear for my life like the last time I went out on Black Friday.  I was 8.5 months pregnant and people were pushing and shoving me and I really was scared.  I left w/o buying anything.  Second of all, I know that when I am working, if there is something to do, it makes the time go quicker.  If no one shops on Thanksgiving and the employees are there, it is going to make the day go a lot slower than it would otherwise.  At least it would for me!

  38. KayloNillas says

    I personally wish my store was open Thanksgiving. I don’t have much family and we don’t get together for Thanksgiving. However, what i do have are bills and the time and half would definitely help. Not everyone is forced to work holidays some of us choose to

  39. AngelaWickwire says

    Me and my husband both have to work anyway, so he will be shopping while I’m working. We’ll do our Thanksgiving dinner after I get off of work and hopefully we won’t have to go out on Black Friday.

  40. Jaosmom says

    This year, for the first time ever, i am over half finished with my gift shopping and almost completely with stocking stuffers. I am a merchandiser, and I will not be working Thursday or Friday and have decided that I will not be shopping at any store that forces their employees to come in on Thanksgiving. I AM going to be doing SOME shopping at Target, because I am their jewelry vendor , and my store looked at employees availability paperwork, and asked for volunteers before making their schedule. I wont be doing ANY shopping on Thanksgiving day, however. My inlaws and sister in law and brother in law and my little granddaughter are all coming for dinner- they are way more important than any deal I could get by shopping on this thankful day. and that doesnt mean Im not thankful for them all year long, it just means I think the almighty dollar and greed have taken over.

  41. luvmybabies116 says

    @Hannah Jurg Wow!  Really?  I take TOTAL offense to that!  I AM Pagan, and CHRISTmas, is NOT a “repackaged” pagan holiday.  It is a day to celebrate the birth/life OF Jesus CHRIST.  Hence, the name Christmas… Jeez!  Since when has this post become about RELIGION.  She made a comment that it wasn’t a religious holiday.. she didn’t renounce a religion or anything close.

  42. luvmybabies116 says

    @Rachel Cook Wright That’s kinda funny.  Not shopping sales for MANY of us, is like asking a heat stroked man in the desert not to drink from the oasis.  It’s a SALE.  Bargain pricing, and for those of us who already coupon, etc.. a bargain is a bargain.  I for one, will not be GOING OUT.. but I WILL be shopping the online sales!

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